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Food Day Canada

Food Day Canada is the time and place for Canadians to celebrate our farmers, fisheries, suppliers, and purveyors.

We've put together our favourite summer main course, inspired by the produce from our Farm.

Enjoy this dish in our restaurant during the weekend of August 1st, or follow the recipe below to enjoy at home!

Pan-seared Halibut 

with Thai basil, heirloom cherry tomato, fingerling potato salad and ginger whipped coconut milk.


4,  6 oz pieces of halibut - skin removed

1 pint heirloom cherry tomatoes

1 lb fingerling potatoes

4 oz peeled grated ginger

1 can chilled coconut milk

2.5 tbs Canola oil

125 ml olive oil

2 tbs rice vinegar

1 bunch Thai basil chiffonade

10-12 Thai basil leaves for garnish

salt and pepper to taste with everything

Fresh peas


Cook potatoes in salted water until fork-tender, strain and cut potatoes from top to bottom. Cool and set aside.

For the peas shuck them from their shells and blanch in salted boiling water for 20 seconds, cool in ice water, chill and strain and set aside. 

Split the tomatoes top to bottom, toss in a small stainless steel bowl with the rice vinegar, olive oil and Thai basil, set aside. 

For the whipped coconut milk - remove stiff crema from the top of can and place in bowl (save the coconut water to drink!), finely grate the ginger and gently fold into the coconut milk, reserve in an airtight container and refrigerate.

In a stainless steel frying pan on low heat add the canola oil then add the halibut skin side down even though the skin has been removed this will help the halibut from breaking. Sear quickly and place fish in the oven in an oven safe pan for 8 min at 450 degrees. 

Once cooked remove from oven and place fish on a paper towel, let rest for 1 min. 

In that minute gently warm the tomato, peas and potato together, set on serving plate or bowl. Place fish on top of the vegetables, top with crema and some of the Thai basil leaves and olive oil to finish for garnish.